5 Tips on Choosing the Best Hair Dryer

There are many who think that choosing the best hair dryer is easy. Even if you may be tempted to rush into buying an expensive dryer with lots of “quality” features, there are many aspects that can play a major part when it comes to achieving quicker, safer results and a strong, beautiful hair that will be the envy of all your friends and coworkers.

1. Choose Ceramic Heating

The heating element is the most important feature of any hair dryer. While cheap dryers usually use plastic and metal elements that burn unevenly and can damage your hair, you are far better off looking for brands that promote advanced technology based on ceramic heating.

Because of the conductive properties of ceramic materials, these types of dryers use “far infrared heat”, which safely penetrates the hair shaft instead of burning it from the outside.

2. Look for Tourmaline Dryers

Tourmaline dryers use a technology which is fairly new, able to generate more negative ions in order to speed up the drying process by more than 70% and to make your hair look shinier and considerably more attractive.

If you’re looking for the best hair dryer, tourmaline dryers that use ceramic heating are probably your best choice, and can be combined with other tourmaline based styling tools for a sleeker effect.

3. Check out the Wattage

Expert stylists and hair dryer reviews recommend that, unless you need a travel hair dryer, you should always get one that packs at least around 1300 watts. While this is a necessity for drying your curly hair as fast as possible, you should still avoid choosing uneven heating just to get a more powerful dryer – balance is key here.

4. You Need Multiple Speed Settings

Hair dryers with multiple and perhaps even separate speed settings are considered by many to be the best choice. While higher speeds are great for drying your hair as soon as possible when you’re in a hurry, in order to avoid damage, cooler settings should always be an option when your hair is only slightly damp.

5. Avoid EMFs

Finally, the best hair dryer models will never generate harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs). This is extremely important both for your own safety and that of the environment, so even if you are tempted to buy a cheaper product, always ask about its EMF levels before making your purchase.

If you follow these simple tips, you should be able to find some of the safest and most advanced hair dryers on the market, and you will often find that they are not so expensive. Some research may be necessary before making a choice, but at least you will know you have selected the best hair dryer out there.

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Learning To Dance In The Rain

Life is not supposed to be all sunshine all the time. It is perfectly okay to have a few rain storms in the mix.

If you have not noticed from my lack of recent blog posts, I have been in a funk. The recent events in my life have put me at a loss for worlds. Ok, no. The recent events in my life have put me at a loss for positive words. And I have a really hard time posting negative thoughts on my blog.

Even though I may have 99+ reasons to smile, even though I recently finished my first semester of college with a stellar GPA, even though I just came back from an amazing trip with my Blogger Bestie whom I have not seen in a year (more to come), even though my life has had these amazing bursts of sunshine, the rainstorms have still found their way in. It’s a shame, really. I feel ashamed for allowing what seemed at the time to be major events put this big of a toll on my happiness. And I am not even sure I would say that I am not and have not been happy, because I most certainly have enough reasons to be happy. I have just been in a funk and there is no better way I can describe my life than that. It’s funky. And odd. And annoying. But hey, that’s life.

For lack of a better term, life is a brat. You just have to break out a cute umbrella and learn how to dance in the rain.

Be sassy, optimistic, and a little bit daring!

Stay quirky!


Avoiding The End-of-summer Wallet Clean Out Featuring Texts.com

Its that dreaded time of year again… you know, that time of year when you begin to set your alarm from the crack of dawn, sharpen your pencils, iron your uniforms, and prepare yourself for the screeching sound of the relieving school bell. Oh wait, you mean to tell me I am not going back to high school?!

While I am overjoyed to never have to wear another school uniform ever again, I am not too overjoyed to be paying high way robbery for my textbooks. My high school required us to purchase our own books, but for the most part my older friends passed down their used copies. Thankfully, I always seemed to avoid buying my own textbooks so I never had to experience the “wallet cleanout” that occurs at the end of summer just before school starts.

Finding a good deal has always been a hobby of mine. To me, there is nothing better than the satisfaction of knowing you received the best price on something. I am someone who absolutely hates wasting things. And I specifically dislike wasting time, energy, and money. When I came across Texts.com, not only did I smile, but my bank account smiled. Texts.com does all the hard work of finding the very best deal on a textbook for you.

When you go to their site, you are presented with a search bar of wonder. First, they ask you to enter your school’s name so they can potentially match you with a cheap textbook available on your campus! After selecting your school, all you have to do is type in the title, author, or ISBN number of the book you are looking to purchase and hit “search”. From there, Texts.com crawls the web for all companies carrying your desired book and will present you with the compared prices (Including offers from top sellers like Amazon and Chegg)!

Textbooks are heavy and awkward to carry and I never felt the need to lug my whole math book home for just one page of problems. I began taking pictures of the book pages necessary for my homework with my iPhone. All throughout high school I avoided bringing my textbooks home from school. I figured since I refused to carry my textbooks a short walk out to my car everyday, the situation would probably be similar in college. When graduation rolled around, I asked for an iPad strictly (yeah right) for my textbooks. I figured digital downloads of the necessary books would be dirty cheap! In some cases they are… and in some cases its so much cheaper to rent!

Probably my most favorite feature about Texts.com would have to be its search filters! After typing in the title, author, or ISBN number of the book you are looking to purchase, you are given the option to select what type of book you would like. This feature most certainly saved me a few hours of searching, and researching, for the cheapest version of my required books. For the majority of my classes I was able to snatch up a pretty cheap digital download copy of the book. Unfortunately, I will not be escaping lugging a heavy book around campus (darn you French class).

Textbooks add up, Texts.com has you covered (thankfully)!

Stay quirky!


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She’s Finally Speechless

In case you have not noticed- I kinda, sorta like really, really, really like college. Like a lot.

I have been writing and rewriting this blog post since my first day of classes last Monday. I cannot seem to find the right words to express exactly how I am feeling. I am speechless. And I am never, ever, at a loss for words.

I have been struggling to put how I am feeling into sentences. For the sake of my college senior self who will be reading this blog post in May of 2019 on the morning of my college graduation, I will try my best to explain my feelings… and I think I will settle with the word happy. Oh, and content.

My very first time visiting High Point during my sophomore year of high school!

I am bursting with joy from the first second I open my eyes to the moment I lay my head on my pillow and drift into my nightly slumber. My reality is better than my dreams. Yes, yes, yes, I am completely aware at how cliche that sounds. Just trust me when I say it is true. I have been enjoying just taking things in, living each day in the moment. I am so used to planning for the future that it is weird to think I am now experiencing what I have been working endlessly on becoming: a High Point Panther.

I remember counting down the days until my first HPU open house for months. July 28th, 2013 was a fantastic day.

I am fully aware that High Point University is not for everyone, but for me it is practically perfect in every way. There is nothing I would change about my life at the moment. Except maybe I would pause time while I am sleeping and drift away for like a day or two.

When I say I have wanted to attend High Point University for like forever, I actually mean it. I only applied to one school: High Point. And I could not have picked a more perfect school for me.

Though HPU has it’s flaws (like only having Chick-fil-a open on Wednesdays for the summer term), they are quickly outweighed by it’s positive attributes. I could easily say that my favorite part about High Point is my beautiful campus- but that is a complete lie. Do not get me wrong, the campus is stunning (and a huge reason why I chose HPU)! But I think the best part about HPU is the people. From my amazing professors who actually make me want to learn and are passionate about ensuring I do absorb the material and succeed in their classes, to the staff that works endlessly to keep HPU in pristine condition and do so with a smile. From my new friends that so quickly have become like family and provide me with endless support, laughter, and stability, to my fantastic RA’s that have made the transition from high school to college a breeze.

The day I knew High Point University was where I belonged: August 25th, 2014 at approximately 2pm, after my meeting with the Dean of Communication.

High Point is even better than I ever could have imagined. And I am at a complete loss for words.

For now I’ll just be sassy, optimistic, and a little bit darling (like always) as I continue to live out my dream.

Stay quirky!