5 Tips on Choosing the Best Hair Dryer

There are many who think that choosing the best hair dryer is easy. Even if you may be tempted to rush into buying an expensive dryer with lots of “quality” features, there are many aspects that can play a major part when it comes to achieving quicker, safer results and a strong, beautiful hair that will be the envy of all your friends and coworkers.

1. Choose Ceramic Heating

The heating element is the most important feature of any hair dryer. While cheap dryers usually use plastic and metal elements that burn unevenly and can damage your hair, you are far better off looking for brands that promote advanced technology based on ceramic heating.

Because of the conductive properties of ceramic materials, these types of dryers use “far infrared heat”, which safely penetrates the hair shaft instead of burning it from the outside.

2. Look for Tourmaline Dryers

Tourmaline dryers use a technology which is fairly new, able to generate more negative ions in order to speed up the drying process by more than 70% and to make your hair look shinier and considerably more attractive.

If you’re looking for the best hair dryer, tourmaline dryers that use ceramic heating are probably your best choice, and can be combined with other tourmaline based styling tools for a sleeker effect.

3. Check out the Wattage

Expert stylists and hair dryer reviews recommend that, unless you need a travel hair dryer, you should always get one that packs at least around 1300 watts. While this is a necessity for drying your curly hair as fast as possible, you should still avoid choosing uneven heating just to get a more powerful dryer – balance is key here.

4. You Need Multiple Speed Settings

Hair dryers with multiple and perhaps even separate speed settings are considered by many to be the best choice. While higher speeds are great for drying your hair as soon as possible when you’re in a hurry, in order to avoid damage, cooler settings should always be an option when your hair is only slightly damp.

5. Avoid EMFs

Finally, the best hair dryer models will never generate harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs). This is extremely important both for your own safety and that of the environment, so even if you are tempted to buy a cheaper product, always ask about its EMF levels before making your purchase.

If you follow these simple tips, you should be able to find some of the safest and most advanced hair dryers on the market, and you will often find that they are not so expensive. Some research may be necessary before making a choice, but at least you will know you have selected the best hair dryer out there.

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