Mandy is an independent blogger. She refuses sharing any personal information that could possibly reveal her location. The identities of her family and personal associates are/will never revealed on this blog without permission. If you are an online associate of Mandy, you must never share her online contact information without her permission unless it is publicly stated on this blog. In addition, Mandy will never share any of her readers’ contact information without permission and will always keep online associates’ personal information private unless told.

Thequirkyconservative.com is written by Mandy J. Engelman herself a long with the graphics and logos on this page. They may not be used without permission and without giving credit to the owner (Mandy) . All text content on this blog is written entirely by Mandy except for of guest posts, written by people who may or may not be associates. Anything that comes from this website should not be taken from Mandy’s site represented as another individuals. This includes all original text, photographs, logo design, and post titles. Images, video content, or text taken from an outside source are always credited and linked to if they appear on this blog.

All words and graphics on this blog are not an official informational, legitimate source; meaning the content that appears on this blog is written from a biased, opinionated perspective. The purpose of this blog is to convey ideas and opinions to readers that support this perspective. It is not Mandy’s intent to offend or displease her readers, nor is it her intent to persuade them.

Mandy’s personal photos of purchased products exist on this blog to please and inspire readers. They are not intended to brag or display her personal worth. All of Mandy’s personal products were purchased by Mandy herself, unless otherwise specified which they will be in every “sponsored” post. Images of products, whether they are personal photos or copied from an online site, will credit the manufacturer of the pictured item.

This policy is subject to change at any possible time.

{credits to Caroline of Citrus & Style for the original write of this page, in which I had her permission}